Ladies Guild Membership Information

Our mission is to serve the Parish in any way that is needed.  Some of the projects we contribute to are:

The Adam Benson scholarship fund, Pregnancy Crisis Center, St. Charles Youth Summer Camp Program Scholarship Fund and the Food Pantry.  We also provide a funeral brunch or luncheon for the families that have lost their loved ones.  These are just a few ways we support our Parish.

Please take the time to fill out a membership form and become part of the Ladies Guild.




Do You Know?

Do you know that a portion of your gift of financial treasure to St. Charles Borromeo helps support 11 charities in our local community?
1) Options
2) Meeting Place Mission
3) Burke United Christian Ministries
4) BCACD/The Flynn Home
5) Big Brothers Big Sisters
6) Good Samaritan Clinic
7) Citizenship Program
8) House of Refuge
9) Literacy Council
10) Pregnancy Care Center
11) Seniors in Action

Your gifts that keep on giving!  Thank you for your support.

Cardboard Egg Cartons Needed

The youth group is collecting cardboard egg cartons for the family day craft project. Over 100 hundred cartons are needed.. We will accept styrofoam, but prefer the cardboard for painting reasons. Pleasebring the items to the church office by Nov. 21st.

Thank you for your assistance.

Fun Facts about Saint Albert the Great

Fun Facts about Saints 

St. Albert the Great’s feast day is Nov. 15th. Church history states that Albert experienced an encounter with the Blessed Virgin Mary around 1223 and this inspired him to become a member of the Dominican Order. He later founded Germany’s oldest university in Cologne. One of his greatest students was St. Thomas Aquinas.