The deadline for Faith Formation has been extended

The deadline for Faith Formation has been extended to Sept. 25th. Parents can go the St. Charles website, double click on the Faith Formation page, go the bottom of that page, and click on the link for the various class registration forms. OR Come to the church and pick up the registration forms. Please note that registration is divided into 3 categories: K-6, 7-8, and 9-12. Be sure to select the correct link when registering online. Classes will be conducted virtually at first, and a start date has yet to be determined. Also, Gail will notify parents when the class materials for faith formation are ready for pickup. To help with the cost of class materials, there is a suggested donation of $25 per child, up to $85 per family. Payment can be made by mail, bringing it to the church, or using the parish online giving form on the church website. Select Faith Formation on the online giving site. Thank you.

Faith Formation Gospel Weeklies

With faith formation on hold I would like to let you know you are able to go onto Pflaum’s website and access the Gospel Weeklies. The pass code is faith formation. It is very important that we keep teaching our children about their faith. If you have any questions you can call me at the church office.