Finance Council

from left: Eduardo Gaspar, Father Ken, Gayle Brown, David Snell, Deacon John, Bob Skelly,
Jenny Brown

The Finance Council supports the pastor in his stewardship of Parish resources while being accountable to Parishioners and to the Bishop. It promotes the financial health of the Parish while assuring accountability and adherence to norms established by the Bishop. The Council also provides support to the Parish bookkeeper and oversees all financial activities.

The Finance Council is responsible for developing the parish budget and financial reports and communicating them to the Parish and Bishop. It conducts oversight review of the financial records to ensure consistency between financial transactions, financial records and the resulting financial statements. The pastor seeks the advice of Finance Council members on administrative matters and on long-range financial planning issues.

Chair – David Snell. Meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:00 PM.

Finance Report to Parishioners, period ending 2020-2021

Annual Budget 2020-2021