Thank You To The Youth And Adults From Catholic Heart Workcamp!!!

They have thoroughly cleaned both the upstairs kitchen and the downstairs kitchen. In the pantry, they scraped up the paper shelf covering, and replaced it with new shelf paper. The CHWC youth also reorganized the books in the church library and put mulch outside in our flower beds. Again, thank you to Gail Watson and her team, Terri Martino, and Barb Hudson for their hard work.

Catholic Heart WorkCamp Says Thank You!

All of the Catholic Heart WorkCamp participants would like to thank the St. Charles parishioners for their spiritual and financial support. We had a wonderful week in Nashville. And on another note, Gail Watson and staff are hosting a Catholic Heart WorkCamp here in Morganton from July 14 to the 20th. Please pray for the spiritual growth and safety of all the campers.

New BUCM Outreach Ministry

Burke United Christian Ministries is seeking our help in providing the homeless with donations of new or used eyeglasses including reading glasses, sunglasses, magnifiers, and eye glass cases. They can be ready to wear, or in slight need of repair. A basket for donations is in the church hallway. Thank you from the Community Ministries Commission.