Second Collection – January 20th

A second collection will be taken on January 20th for the Combined Mission Collection which benefits the Church in Latin America, the Church in Central and Eastern Europe, the United States Mission Appeal (Black and Indian Missions), the Catholic Home Missions, and the Church in Africa. Thank you for your generosity.

New Year’s Resolutions

1) Eat Healthier 37%
2) Get more exercise 37%
3) Save (more) money 37%
4) Focus on self-care (get more sleep, etc.) 24%
5) Read more 18%
6) Make New Friends 15%
7) Learn a New Skill 15%
8) Get a (new) Job 14%
9) Take up a New Hobby 13%
10) Do Not Make New Year’s Resolutions 32%

According to this report, 80% of the resolutions made fail by February. Only 8% of the resolutions made are achieved. So, perhaps we should instead focus on resolutions
of deepening our relationship with God through prayer and study; and showing kindness, forgiveness, tolerance, and understanding towards other people.

Priests’ Retirement – We Need Your Help

Our parish has received $6,873.00 in contributions to the Priests’ Retirement and Benefits Collection so far this year. Our assessment is $16,188.00 for 2018 so the balance to be met is $9,215.00. Those who have
not yet given can still put a donation in the regular collection at any time. You can also go to our website to make an online contribution. If we do not
meet the assessment goal, any remaining balance will be taken out of our yearly budget.