Liturgy and Worship Commission

The Liturgy and Worship Commission is concerned with the liturgical functions that serve as the primary demonstrative expressions of faith and worship and discerning, training, developing and scheduling laity in their participation therein. Chairperson: Maureen Dougher

Altar ServersAltar serversAssist in the celebration of the Mass and other liturgical services.  Contact Gail Watson at the Office for more information.

Choirs and Music – St. Charles Borromeo’s music program is diverse. Under the direction of Fr. Ken, the Adult Choir and Organist Peter Hartman combine their talents and offer an outstanding music program each Sunday at the  9 AM Mass. The Choir practices each Thursday at 7 PM.  Contact Peter Hartman at 828-437-3108 if you are interested in joining.

Adult Choir Sunday 9AM MassThere are several Hispanic Choir groups that perform for the 5 PM Sunday Spanish Masses. There is also a newly formed Hispanic Children’s Choir that practices each Monday at 4:30 PM.  The Hmong choir group practices before Sunday Mass and provides the music for the Hmong Noon Masses.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion – Distribute the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass and bring the Eucharist to the sick/home-bound. Contact the office if you would like to participate.

Hospitality/Ushers – Welcome people at Mass and other liturgies, assist with the offertory collection and serve the needs of others during Mass. Contact Maureen Dougher if you would like to participate.

Liturgical Committee Member – Assist in planning, decorating the church and preparing for the liturgical services throughout the year. Contact Fr. Ken if you would like to participate on this committee.

Lectors – Proclaim the Word of God at Mass and other liturgies. Contact Maureen Dougher if you would like to participate.

Sign Language Interpreters  –  Assist with communication for those in need. Contact the Office if you are interested.