Holy Week/Easter Kit

Hey all,
Just wanted to pop in and share some more resources for your families during Holy Week and Easter!
Sadlier has made available a “Holy Week/Easter Kit” available for free download here: https://go.sadlier.com/religion/holy-week-easter-resource-kit In it, you will find:

  • Stations of the Cross
  • Holy Cards
  • Signs of New Life “sensory bin”
  • Alleluia Easter Activity
  • Easter prep checklist

Also – more for children – Marie Heimann at Fawnly Prints has made available coloring pages for download and print here: https://linktr.ee/fawnlyprints , just click on “Printables” and you’ll be taken to a download page where you can print off images at home for the little ones to color. She’s been updating this regularly for families during the Covid-19 outbreak, and could be useful for some families!
I know this may be an odd Holy Week/Easter for all of us this year. God is still with us and He will see us through this! 
Stay safe!Gail

Answer questions about stay at home order (English)

Hey Maureen here. Many people have been reaching out with questions and concerns regarding the stay home order.

To answer your question we can’t indiscriminately pull people over (whether stay at home order or not). If people are driving during the duration of the order it is assumed they are complying with the restrictions as listed on the governors order.

Second I’m not sure what other jurisdictions may have in place regarding travel out of county to work. But again, the governors order list what types of work is allowable.

Last on distributing tortillas, they would have to fall under one of the categories/sections of the governors order.

We have no intent to be heavy handed during this crisis. People are already under a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety about the unknown and we don’t want to add to that if we don’t need to.

If we receive investigation calls/reports about larger than 10 people gathering. or other violations of the governors restrictions, we will look into it.

If you have any specific questions or concerns from the community, please reach out and I will try my best to get an answer.

Help Support Healthcare Providers In These Troubling Times!

Our local industries are working to help provide protective medical masks and gowns.  We as a community can help by providing financial support.  You can help by going to: https://theindustrialcommons.org/learn-more.  
Donate- The Industrial Commons is a 501 (c) (3) and all donations are tax deductible.Read about this amazing group, become their friend and donate on their Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/TheIndustrialCommons/Below is an excerpt from their webpage:  Now Is The Moment.  Covid-19 Response.   We’re working with a team of manufacturers throughout the Carolina Textile District to develop needed supplies including gowns and masks.  Help support this effort and healthcare providers across the country who are on the frontlines of this crisis!  Funds will be used to purchase bulk raw materials to help manufacturers produce more supplies as well as cover overhead for those producing below costs.  If you know of a healthcare facility that needs masks or gowns, or a manufacturer who would like to help produce these items, refer them to:  carolinatextiledistrict.com.

Corona Virus Special Edition Stewardship Newsletter

A special edition of the Stewardship Newsletter is available on the Stewardship Newsletter webpage. To access the webpage scroll your mouse onto the news menu option near the top of Saint Borromeo Catholic Church website and select “Stewardship Newsletter” form the drop down menu or click the image of the Stewardship Newsletter on the left side of the website between the bulletin and Flocknote images. Once on the webpage select issue 2.